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Michelle Laboy

LCAart founder

Art Creation


About the LCAart project

We aspire to help everyone create a more sustainable and resilient environment. To communicate the impact of our daily decisions on Earth's ecosystems, the LCAart project translates life cycle assessment data, which is often difficult to visualize, into images of everyday life.


The impact of resource extraction and material production can be seen in landscapes of quarries, mines, harvested forests and water bodies, but the direct connection between these resources and our objects of everyday life is obscured and hidden by the distance between the spaces of extraction, production and consumption. The LCAart project uses the power of the image to make these connections more immediate and visible. 


We create absurd situations with the spaces and objects we live, work, play with and consume in our daily life to communicate a clear and poignant message, through the contrast of out-of-place or out-of-scale “stuff” against perfectly normal situations. We are working on a publication that will connect these and many other images with detailed explanations, mappings and quantitative data for the environmentally curious.

Matthew Eckelman

LCAart founder

Life-Cycle Assessment



Our Team.

Carly Krotowski

Production and Research Assistant

Graduate architecture student at Northeastern University


Northeastern University

Faculty Research and Creative Activity Grant

College of Arts Media & Design

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